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3 Cool Tech Gadgets You Should Know About | Gotek | Insta Ring | Yahey Fingerprint Lock

Our world is moving faster and it is changing drastically. The Scientists have brought a lot of improvements in every field, as far as we talk about improvements, in most of the countries the advance technological achievements are at the top. Many companies give us their very best in the form of making different stuff that suits our modern world.
The following are 3 cool gadgets everyone should use once.


If you are fond of taking pictures and feeling a bit uncomfortable with your mobile device then the Insta Ring, a wearable camera, is surely for you. The Insta Ring can shoot 4k videos at 12-megapixel or 30fps, HDR photos, which is quite a feat from a camera that wraps around your finger. The shockproof features allow you to use it during work, as it cannot be spoiled by striking against something hard. The wearable camera has an internal storage of 32-Gigabytes for storing pictures and videos that you had shot with the camera. Also, the water-resistant ability of the camera appreciate you to shoot those beautiful moments underwater.


YAHEY Fingerprint Lock is a totally biometric-enabled device and can be unlocked only with your fingerprint. It takes only 1 second to be unlocked. The zinc alloy metal external body and toughened steel wire ensure protection from smashing or cutting. A smart feature in the lock is that you can set up to ten fingerprints in it for hassle-free identification, it can be offered to family members or friends for use once the lock had recognized and saved their fingerprints. The Water-resistant and anti-theft features of the lock enable you to believe it as a loyal security assistant at Gym, home, office or somewhere else. It weighs only 60 grams and is small as lipstick in size. Only 2 hours of charging lasts up to two years, also its lower power consumption saves energy.


Gotek is a wireless foldable keyboard that allows you to write easily. The device is designed to be used with your mobile devices including your iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows-based tablets, and all the devices can be connected via a single touch. It has a built-in stand that folds out to support smartphones and tablets up to 10 inches screen sizes. It is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that should keep it durableWeighing less than half a pound, the keyboard is just 0.23 inches thick when folded. Moreover, the wireless keyboard provides up to 60 hours of writing time and up to 3 days standby time on a single charge. The compact design comes with built-in speakers, The built-in Bluetooth speaker can be used together or separately from the keyboard. It also includes a built-in microphone that adds versatility including using it for phone calls.


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